Home automation is the ultimate luxury upgrade for your home. Explore the innovative ways Interior Media brings the convenience and beauty of technology into your home.


The technology of home entertainment + communication is constantly changing whether it be music, video, streaming, gaming, phones, or clouds, but this constant remains true – – a high-speed, reliable network and infrastructure at home guarantees domestic bliss!

Your home may be wired for basic services such as electricity, telephone, and TV, but today’s 4K streaming of movies and video games demand high-speed networks and high-performance wiring. CAT6 and fiber wiring throughout your home and property provide the premium backbone for today and tomorrow.

Our structured wiring and networking packages connect all devices throughout your property and enable you to enjoy the best of today’s technologies now and
into the future – with expanded bandwidth for high performance, AV, lighting and more. Cutting-edge wireless access points extend signal to your outdoor spaces too.