Outdoor living

Outdoor living 2018-02-14T11:16:37+00:00

Today’s home entertainment experience is no longer confined within the four walls. Here are some ways Interior Media brings music, movies and lighting to your outdoors.

Landscape Speakers

Our landscape speaker systems produce a perfectly balanced solution for outdoor audio. High quality speakers and buried subwoofers are strategically located around the perimeter of any outdoor listening space to deliver immersive, high quality music. Driven by DSP amplifiers, these loudspeakers are perfect for just about any environment.

Séura Outdoor TVs

Séura is an innovative company that specialized in the blend of technology and décor, and their leading-edge HDTV for outdoor applications is their Séura Storm. Capable of withstanding the elements, and providing a bright and vibrant image even in direct sunlight, the Storm series allows the user to enjoy high definition video in the great outdoors.

The Outdoor Lights

Interior Media is proud to partner with The Outdoor Lights for comprehensive and beautiful landscape lighting solutions. Their talented lighting design team and technical experts creatively and strategically craft each project to ensure the resulting design illuminates your property like a work of art. Our custom design and build solutions complement your property, whether it’s new or an existing construction.