Lighting Control

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Lutron lighting control by Interior Media adds a dramatic new element to your home and gives you the optimum light for every activity and event. You’ll enjoy the absolute convenience of automated control, which makes it a snap to create just the right light you need under any circumstances.

An advanced Lutron lighting control system provides increased security for your property. If you’re traveling out of town or working late, lights in each room can execute pre-programmed scenes to simulate activity in your home. If you come home after dark, push a button in your garage (or even from a remote in your car!) and a pathway through your home will be automatically illuminated.

Wall-mounted keypads give you easy access and control for the lighting in that room, while strategically placed color touch screens let you program and control the lighting throughout your entire property — even outside.

A Lutron automated lighting control system also saves energy and money by providing the proper lighting only when needed, and shutting down when it is not. It’s the eco-friendly way to light your home.