Richly detailed music sets the perfect atmosphere for any room as well as your whole-home. Cleverly placed speakers in-ceiling, bookshelves, and even invisible speakers are a welcome addition and blend with the decor of the most exquisite homes.

From the wireless simplicity of Sonos to acoustically engineered audiophile configurations, Interior Media provides innovative audio solutions for any lifestyle. The level of control, sophistication and quality is up to you.

Our systems allow you instant access to your music services and collections at a press of the button, making it easy to access from an iPhone/iPad, keypad or touch panel control in each room. We can also integrate your favorite iTunes and streaming music libraries so they become a part of your whole-home system too.


Enjoy unrivalled video quality and seamless control in any room. If needed, utilize universal remotes, elegant custom touchpads and keypads. In it’s simplest use, speak commands to your Xfinity, Roku or Apple remote. Easily access favorite shows, movies and sports anywhere and at any time.

Televisions can easily vanish behind works of art or elegant mirrors. The bottom line, Interior Media can implement basic or the most sophisticated of video installations.


Let’s not forget our gamers. Cultivate a flawless gaming environment for all skill levels. Immersive audio and dynamic displays give your players a competitive edge. Easily connect and play all your favorite gaming consoles.