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A centerpiece of INTERIOR MEDIA’s expertise is the development of custom Home Theater solutions. From simple media rooms to ISF-certified cinema-quality theaters, we deliver entertainment rooms that become home showpieces.

Video Displays & Projectors

We feature video displays and projectors that will make your media room rival the experience of going to the movies.


4K Ultra high definition TV with over eight million pixel resolution.


Organic Light Emitting Diode 4K displays provide incredibly bright images and the deepest black levels possible.


Laser light source HD 4K projectors deliver incredible images with great depth of field. These projectors maintain consistent light output for the life of the laser.

Our staff of expert designers & engineers are ready to introduce you to the home theater of your dreams.


Their award-winning home entertainment server systems catalog and store vast quantities of HD movies and TV shows in customizable collections.


The only company that delivers better-than-BluRay quality Hollywood movies to customers in their own home — even on a film’s opening day.


The industry standard device for streaming media content on your HD display.

Streamed Media Content

Access to great content is the next step in completing your theater experience. We recommend the services of state-of-the-art content delivery services.

Surround Sound + Acoustics

Proper speaker systems bring your movies to life. We use the most cutting-edge processing, speaker and amplifier systems and make sure they work their best with correct acoustic design. Acoustic design brings out the best in any level of electronics. Many people forgo this and don’t know what they are missing. Obvious reflective surfaces such as ceilings, walls and glass should be considered for treatment to summon top performance from any electronics package. Even if you think you are not an audiophile you should consider room treatment in every theater. It will bring out the best of any equipment package.

From seats to custom lighting, our finishing packages make each theater truly exceptional.